My paintings have a personal, narrative quality that employs autobiographical elements to nostalgic effect. Whimsical, surreal, and enigmatic, they are also cartoon like and playful, accessible and aesthetically inclined. 

             In my studio hang photos of previous paintings to keep me conscious of recurring subjects, themes, and motifs. I employ an object collection, photo library and sketchbook of quirky items such as ties, furniture, and antique objects as source material. By repeating these, paintings relate and speak to each other. I also keep a list of painting titles that are short, descriptive, and often ambiguous.

             Favorite subjects include my childhood home’s Victorian architecture and furniture. Vintage ties, staircases and heating grates provide pattern and surprising color combinations and serve as a backdrop for surreal landscapes. Some pieces contain painting materials, where use of stretcher bars, easels, paint tubes, and brushes romanticize the artist’s practice. Portrait subjects are costumed in clothing graffitied with quirky doodles. Further, I allude to a metaphoric sub theme of the Sargasso Sea as a surreal landscape whose fecund waters inspire creativity. 

             Through these elements, I wish to continue to build a distinct visual language and personal mythology that captures the viewer’s interest and imagination.